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The game released by Riot Games is now available on the smartphone platform with attractive gameplay,
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The game released by Riot Games is now available on the smartphone platform with attractive gameplay, VALORANT Mobile. Players will participate in impressive levels with different weapons. At the same time, you will find some interesting points in the gameplay of this game when each character has different roles in the game. So this is an opportunity for players to show off their tactics to their teammates.

Players will enter a world designed in a slightly futuristic direction where many gun battles between many players take place. They will try to fulfill the goal that the game had set out before and introduced at the beginning. At the same time, the gameplay possesses attractive gameplay for many players and a diverse number of weapons. Surely any player will take the time to experience the world in the game and improve their shooting skills over time.

Players will control the character from a first-person perspective and immerse themselves in the futuristic world of VALORANT Mobile. Like many other FPS games, players will take the time to grasp the control of this game because of the differentiation of the control buttons. With gameplay that combines some elements from CS: GO and Overwatch, players will find basic fire buttons and unique skills of each character. Therefore, reflex training in the game is a necessity.

The gameplay is entirely understandable, but you will take the time to complete it. In VALORANT Mobile, players will participate in 5vs.5 matches against other players. Each side has a mission to perform in this game and usually revolves around protecting and preventing the exploding bomb. At the same time, at the beginning of the game, you will have a certain amount of money to buy some weapons or items that you feel necessary during your play.

This feature can be similar to CS: GO, where you can optimize your weapons yourself over time, and in other words, you are free to experience other weapons you like. From there, you will have yourself a weapon that you feel impressed with and, with it, overcome many different challenges. But in the end, if you want to buy something, then you will need to make a lot of money. One of the ways for you to make a lot of money is that you will need to take down your enemies.

Killing the enemy will have many benefits, and it can be seen as one of the goals that players will need to accomplish during the game. There will be two main benefits that players will need to pay attention to to help you earn money and unlocking one of the character’s three skills. Specifically, making money is completely simple and understandable when players will use their money to buy accessories for characters and new weapons with higher stability than the early game pistol you can buy.

One of the elements that players will find in VALORANT Mobile is choosing the character you feel is suitable in the gameplay and their skills. You will find many different characters to experience, and each has a unique feature for you to use in battle. Most characters have two of three skills that can be used at the beginning of the game, and over time you will be able to buy some skills for the character in the game.

The remaining skill will be unusable and can only be unlocked by killing other players. When you kill a character, its outer edge will light up, and you only need to kill many other players in succession to unlock the skill. But one thing that anyone will need to consider is the proper use of these skills. You can only use these skills for a certain amount of time and wait until the next time you upgrade in the shop.

As mentioned above, you will find many different types of weapons in the shop to find and experience. Similar to other FPS games, you can find many types of guns such as rifles, snipers, and many other guns. A feature of these guns is that they have a more impressive and polished appearance. So it will perfectly fit the context of the game and bring a new experience to the game.

When you kill an enemy, you will see their gun will drop, and you have the right to pick it up or not. Gameplay is entirely not only shooting each other when you will create certain advantages to combine your character skills and shooting skills to defeat the enemy. From there, the selection of characters that can coordinate and support teammates also becomes completely impressive. So the gameplay will be completely diverse that players explore.


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