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AutoCAD is a general design program in many fields, used by engineers of various disciplines to create drawings and engineering designs and used by project managers, in addition to many professions and industries.


Autodesk 2018 has developed a number of developments on AutoCAD in its new version of 2018, including increasing the speed of AutoCAD and increasing the number of versions that are exported from the program to suit all other programs that help the program.

Several conveniences were extra to enhance your user expertise many dialog boxes square measure currentlyresizable: APPLOAD, ATTEDIT, DWGPROPS, EATTEDIT, INSERT, LAYERSTATE, PAGESETUP, and VBALOAD. The preview square measureas are swollen in many dialog boxes used for attaching files, and saving and gapdrawings.

You can turn on the new LTGAPSELECTION system variable to be able to select objects in the gaps of non-continuous linetypes as if they were set to a continuous linetype.

You can opt for whether or not to use the AutoCAD center indicator or the Windows arrow indicator within thedrawing space victimisation the CURSORTYPE system variable.

You can specify the delay temporal order for basic tooltips within the choices window, show tab

You can simply send your 3D models from AutoCAD to Autodesk Print Studio for automatic final preparation before 3D printing.

Print Studio support includes coal, Autodesk’s high-precision, production-quality (25-micron surface finish) producing answer.

This feature is available only for 64-bit AutoCAD.

For product updates, Associate in Nursing orange dot mechanically displays on new ribbon buttons, windowchoices, and palette settings.

You can control this option from the Help drop-down menu or the HIGHLIGHTNEW command

How to active all AUTOCAD 2018 products:

Each program of Autodesk has its own product key. We will choose the special key
from AutoCAD 001j1 from the table below.

Note : Please verify that you are using the correct key for the product you are
trying to install, because typing an incorrect key causes product activation or activation errors.
These are AUTODESK product key in following table and follow the rest of the
explanation to activate Autodesk products correctly.

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