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HP Easy Start is a comprehensive driver installation utility created by the world’s largest printer manufacturer Hewlett Packard...


HP Easy Start is a comprehensive driver installation utility created by the world’s largest printer manufacturer Hewlett Packard. It allows users of all knowledge levels to easily initialize and install printer drivers that will enable modern Windows OS to properly detect, share, and handle all forms of supported incoming and outgoing data transmissions with HP printers.

In addition to detecting home printers that are connected to desktops and laptops via USB cable, this app is also fully capable of detecting and installing drivers for printers that are part of your ethernet network or even are communicating with your networking hardware via a local Wi-Fi connection, making it very suitable for driver deployment in business offices and larger organizations where one or few printers are shared by many users.

Drivers are essential configuration files that serve as an intermediary between the operating system and the external hardware. While the Windows OS can load generic drivers for hardware that is deemed as being essential (like a generic video card driver that enables basic monitor video output capability), devices such as printers are too complicated and unique to be detected natively by the OS.

To enable the proper functioning of your HP printer, you will have to download and install a driver that perfectly matches the device's model number, as is also certified for your version of Windows OS. Thankfully, HP Easy Start is an application that can help you save time and automatically handle driver installation procedures.

Simply install and activate the HP Easy Start app and follow on-screen instructions. However, be aware that this app will ask you several questions about your printer that you will have to provide. The most important one is the communication method with which your PC can contact the printer. This can be via USB cable, Ethernet cable, or Wireless Network. The app will try to automatically detect printers, but if it is not shown in the list, you can click on the “My Printer Is Not Shown” button and follow the procedure.

Most HP printers will automatically turn on their Wi-Fi beacon when they are not paired to a PC, so pick a Wireless network if you are not sure how to proceed. After detecting the right printer, the app will contact HP data servers and download the latest and up-to-date version of drivers for your printer device.

HP Easy Start is a driver management app that will save you time when installing a new printer to your Pc. It is 100% FREE, optimized to handle all modern models of HP printers, and has built-in support to several international languages.


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