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Eaziez Food / Grocery


Product Info

Eaziez Food or Eaziez Gro is new and powerful PHP scrips based on Laravel. Start your own food delivery business and grocery in minutes. Section for Users: Administrator:- You as administrator will be able to register restaurants, add drivers and assign orders to drivers. View powerful analytics for how much orders has been made.

Restaurant owner or Grocery Owner:- Will receive orders for their restaurant both on mail and in the system.
The will be able to accept / reject the order. Also, their will be able to manage their restaurant, categories, grocery categories, items etc.. Each restaurant or grocery store get subdomain.

Drivers:- Drivers are your employees. You can register them in the system. And soon as order is accepted from the restaurant, you will be able to assign to them. Drivers will deliver the order and change the status to delivered. Soon, mobile app for them.

Clients:- Your clients are the ones who make orders from the restaurant or grocery store. They can register, put their address and make an order from the restaurant or grocery store they like.
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